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Start Up

With the experience of building international brands, starting up 3 new businesses and advising on others, we have a wealth of knowledge in helping turning ideas into profitable companies. A successful start-up needs a good idea connected to robust business plans and models and all the other practical ingredients to shape the company from infancy to adulthood. MCR helps develop original ideas to ensure they are completely aligned to customer demand and have distinct competitive advantages and points of differentiation.

Accessing Investment

With a robust business plan, confidence, determination and financial backing, investment returns will follow. At MCR we know what it takes for you to be successful and raise funds, whether the investment is at an early stage, management buy out, or to provide the next phase of development. Our methodologies build robustness into the core business model whilst in parallel seeks out ways to realise the potential faster.


By taking leadership and executive responsibilities, the MCR turnaround can be a hands-on approach in addition to a consultative one. By working with incumbent management to build on the strengths and address weaknesses of the business, consensus and momentum are created as soon as possible. MCR has turned around businesses with sales and debts of £50m to £500m, from simple situations to complex multi-stakeholder positions where relationships are broken, each time stimulating growth and fundamental performance improvement.


MCR’s leadership and approach to both rapid growth and turnaround assignments is a management-led and motivation based process. The guiding principles are based on building confidence, conviction and commitment in the team to drive through the necessary changes. The focus of attention is guiding, advising and directing management through stages of development and to be once again self-sufficient in driving the business forward.

Rapid Growth

Rapid growth situations are about managing change and ensuring customer requirements are met in detail and competitive advantages remain strong. MCR’s leadership extends to contributing to the vision of what a business could be, the reality check of where it is on the development path and the series of steps to be executed/implemented to turn this into reality. All systems and controls across all disciplines are aligned and structured to maximise the opportunity at all times.


MCR has worked with a number of multi-national organisations in overseas markets, as well as establishing greenfield sites in China and the US. Experience of local business planning and regulations associated with trading or establishing a presence in a variety of countries is available to all our clients. Sustainability is then dependent on the roots established in the company, supply chain and customer base and ensuring all are seamless.

Exit Strategy

The planning for and timing of investment and investment returns are a critical component of the MCR methodology. Returns are targeted but firmly placed as a consequence of sustainable business models and performance improvements. MCR assumes the leadership of exit processes including all commercial negotiations and sale processes. Early stage engagements and partnerships with prospective investors form a cornerstone of each transformation undertaken.

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